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  • Yesla Film Offer Complete Range of Protective Film

    Yayın Astarı, Akrilik Levha için Koruyucu Film, Adhesive Film Yesla Film is a leading company which offer protective film. We produce and deliver great hard-floor safety movies that make sure the safety and integrity of the critical surfaces at some stage in the meeting, production, finishing, and shipping cycles. The…
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  • For Quality Self Adhesive Film Contact To Yesla Film

    Kendinden Yapışkanlı Film, Stone Protection Film Yesla Film is a professional polyethylene film maker with great production experience since 2006. We generally manufacture PE protective film, along with different kind of functional polyethylene plastic film. Being an experienced firm, we are focusing on specific scale of the production. Our company…
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  • Use Carpet Protection Film to Avoid Dirt

    Halı Koruma Filmi, Cam Koruyucu Film, Protective Film for Metal Got a messy indoor undertaking developing? Portray, putting in new drywall, transferring in new furnishings--all of those jobs and greater can destroy your flooring, especially if they're carpeted. Drop cloths will provide a barrier, however regularly they're not completely water-resistant.…
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  • Searching For LDPE Release Film Manufacturer?

    LDPE is the abbreviation of low density polyethylene, it is a thermoplastic made of ethylene monomer. LDPE release film is a common type of film in the market.   The best LDPE release film has the features os good toughness and flexibility, low heat resistance, low temperature impact resistance and transparency.…
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    Plastic is visible everywhere in a huge number of resin, shape, size, texture and surface treatment. In addition to these variables, all different treatments, assembly and finishing encountered on plastic surfaces are considered. Bu nedenle, the protection is very necessary. Without it, the part or surface is easily scratched, scratched or damaged at…
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  • Theoretical analysis of the heat-sealing performance of PE film subjected to electronic shock

    Polyethylene is a non-polar material, and its film has low surface tension. Generally, the surface tension of the film can be reached by corona treatment. Better printing results can be obtained above 38dyn/cm. This development is to select appropriate raw and auxiliary materials and reasonable process formulas, After the PE…
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  • The difference between CPP and PE film

    The coefficient of friction refers to the coefficient of sliding on the surface of the film, which has been learned in physics. The common point of CPP film and PE film is that they can be heat-sealed But there are many differences between the two. The mechanical strength and tensile…
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  • Features of Polyethylene (PE) Film

    Polietilen (PE) film The air permeableness of letter film is comparatively large, and because the density increases, its air permeability decreases. letter film has wet resistance and moisture permeability small. synthetic resin film (PE) is factory-made into low-density, medium-density, and high-density in step with totally different producing strategies and management…
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  • Common faults and solutions of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) blown film

    Common faults and solutions of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) blown film The film is just too sticky and therefore the gap is the poor cause of the issue: ① The rosin material model is wrong, it's not blown film grade low-density polythene resin particles, that doesn't contain open The content of…
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  • Polietilen üflemeli film malzemesi nasıl seçilir?

    How to choose polyethylene-blown film material? Seçilen hammaddeler, üflemeli film kalitesinde polietilen reçine partiküllerinden yapılmalıdır., containing an appropriate amount of slip agent to ensure thinness The opening of the membrane. Erime indeksi (BEN Mİ) reçine partiküllerinin oranı çok büyük olmamalıdır. If the…
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  • Factors influencing the uniformity of protective film coating

    The basic factors of the uniformity of the protective film coating are several conditions directly related to the coating process: coated substrate, adhesive, coated steel roller/rubber roller, laminating machine, vb. There are many factors influencing the uniformity of coating, including operators, machines, materials, methods, and rings, but the basic factors…
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  • What are the common PET protective films

    The protective film is one of the most peer-to-peer protective stickers on the single-level opportunity. The three-layer PET protective film is loaded for the mask and the product. The boutique adopts a polyester case. The mask is hard on the line, more scratch-resistant, and anti-static during permanent disasters, it also…
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  • Protective film characteristics and technical requirements

    According to the viscosity points: Ultra-low-viscosity protective film, low-viscosity protective film, medium-low-viscosity protective film, medium-viscosity protective film, high-viscosity protective film, ultra-high-viscosity protective film 1. Ultra-low-viscosity protective film (ie, micro bottom Adhesive) Özellikleri: thick (≥0.03m±0.003),   width (≤1.3), yüksek (100-1500), base material (PE), peel strength (≤5g/cm), temperature resistance (60), stretch Rate…
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  • What is a protective film?

    As we all know, Society is developing, human beings are progressing, people's requirements for the quality of life are constantly improving, and various new things are constantly appearing. Packing film seems ordinary but it also brings great convenience to our lives. In the past, there were problems in the packaging…
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  • Five tips for purchasing PE protective film

    Yeslafilm is specialized in PE High-Density Film products. So we summarize the below five steps which help you buy the best PE protective film.   First Step It is difficult to recognize the degree of light transmission with the naked eye. It is best to use an optical instrument to…
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