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  • What is a protective film?

    As we all know, Society is developing, human beings are progressing, people's requirements for the quality of life are constantly improving, and various new things are constantly appearing. Packing film seems ordinary but it also brings great convenience to our lives. In the past, there were problems in the packaging…
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  • What are PE protective film, PE release film and PE plastic film?

    PE protective film is used for the initial and factory protection of the surface of electronic products. PE release film refers to one-time consumables used for the protection of the production of raw materials and waste disposal in the manufacturing process. PE plastic film refers to plastic film: a film…
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  • PE protective film classification

    1. Ultra-low-viscosity protective film (Slightly sticky) Uses: Easy to use, easy to stick and tear, no glue residue, suitable for organic plates, instruments, aluminum-plastic panels, display screens, glass lenses, plastic lenses, etc.   2. Low viscosity protective film Usage: Stable adhesion, good adhesion, good peeling performance, no glue residue, suitable…
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