PE film

  • Problems and analysis of dry composite of PE film

    In dry compounding, there are often problems such as weak compounding, white spots after compounding, the astringency of the compound product, and poor heat sealing. There are many reasons for these problems. The following only discusses the problems arising from the dry compounding of the PE film. 1 Insufficient compound…
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  • Theoretical analysis of the heat-sealing performance of PE film subjected to electronic shock

    Polyethylene is a non-polar material, and its film has low surface tension. Generally, the surface tension of the film can be reached by corona treatment. Better printing results can be obtained above 38dyn/cm. This development is to select appropriate raw and auxiliary materials and reasonable process formulas, After the PE…
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  • The difference between CPP and PE film

    The coefficient of friction refers to the coefficient of sliding on the surface of the film, which has been learned in physics. The common point of CPP film and PE film is that they can be heat-sealed But there are many differences between the two. The mechanical strength and tensile…
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  • Features of Polyethylene (PE) Film

    Polyethylene (PE) film The air permeableness of letter film is comparatively large, and because the density increases, its air permeability decreases. letter film has wet resistance and moisture permeability small. synthetic resin film (PE) is factory-made into low-density, medium-density, and high-density in step with totally different producing strategies and management…
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