Searching For LDPE Release Film Manufacturer?

LDPE is the abbreviation of low density polyethylene, it is a thermoplastic made of ethylene monomer. LDPE release film is a common type of film in the market.


The best LDPE release film has the features os good toughness and flexibility, low heat resistance, low temperature impact resistance and transparency. Moreover, LDPE is softer than HDPE and melts at lower temperature.


LDPE release film has many uses:

  • Used on colloid surface to prevent adhesion, scratch and protect the original shape and viscosity of colloid.


  • Used to produce other packaging products (express envelope, clothing bag, etc.)


  • Usedfor labels which are applied in high speed applications


  • Usedfor silicone adhesive tape (electronic industry tape, construction tape, conveyor belt, safety belt, etc.)


  • Other industrial uses


Foshan YESLA Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LDPE release film. We provide a variety of release paper solutions for all kinds of film carriers.


Whether you are looking for PE release liners for industrial / envelopes / tape, PE label release liner, or LDPE release film coated with silicone oil, YESLA will meet your needs, our LDPE release film has good performance and high quality.


YESLA’s LDPE release film is 100% pure LDPE material, and has high transparency and high surface brightness. Our professional team and rich experience will help you find the LDPE release film you want.


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