Ultra 3200mm wide coating line

Ultra 3200mm wide coating line

Foshan Yesla Adhesive Products CO., LTD

Foshan YESLA Adhesive Products Co., Sp. z o.o., założony w 2006, is a professional polyethylene film manufacturer with rich production experience. Our company is covering an area of 7000 metry kwadratowe, located in beautiful province of Guangdong, Which is neighboring Hong Kong and Macao with convenient land and water transportation.



Founded in 2006, is a professional polyethylene film manufacturer with rich production experience.


Extra width 3.3 meters coating machine, the five-layer co-extrusion blowing machine, the high level of clean production workshop

Quality Pass

My company has a perfect R & D team and laboratories, high quality, yield of production line and efficient service.


Folia uwalniająca PE

Folia z tworzywa sztucznego PE

Foshan YESLA Adhesive Products is manufacturing Folia ochronna made in China. Chinese Na folii ochronnej will assist with forestalling imperfections that will attract the client’s consideration.  

Produkty klejące Foshan YESLAprotective films are covering a wide scope of items available in various ventures. A few materials that we have some expertise in ensuring include:  

Folia ochronna do dywanów,


Folia ochronna do dywanów manufacturers are manufacturing Carpet Protection film that keeps floors clean and harm-free while constructing, rebuilding, or painting.  
This Film doesn’t move and is profoundly impervious to tears.

Szklana folia ochronna,

We are a top Szklana folia ochronna supplier offering stable and handily applied Glass Protective Film in bulk.
This item can adequately shield the merchandise surface from scratches, harm, and pollution during transportation and establishment.  

Folia ochronna do metalu,

We are supplying custom Folia ochronna do metalu that is uniquely made for assurance of different sorts of metals.  
It can easily attach to smooth surfaces without moving and can just be stripped away after use.  

Folia ochronna do arkusza akrylowego

Fantastic items need great insurance! Folia ochronna do arkusza akrylowego is the right choice for covering your product.  

Folia ochronna do kamienia

At the point when cut in stone, even little defects can hugely affect your main concern. Fix, substitution and reinstallation are expensive in dollars and time, however in altruism too.

Produkty klejące Foshan YESLA’ Folia ochronna do kamienia can forestall such small, however exorbitant, blemishes.  

Folia samoprzylepna


Folia samoprzylepna is strong sheets of thermoplastic or, in part restored thermosetting polymers that can be sliced to measure and by and large used to append huge territory segments, substrates, and covers.  

Buy now our Folia samoprzylepna in bulk!  

The various fields of the utilization of our expulsion Zwolnij wkładkę films just as our protective films incorporate these enterprises:  

The automotive industry, medical units, logistics industry, manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, agricultural industry, packaging industry, Stal nierdzewna, plastics, metals, and The WorldWide Ads.