High Temperature Resistance HDPE Release Film
High Temperature Resistance HDPE Release Film
High Temperature Resistance HDPE Release Film
High Temperature Resistance HDPE Release Film

In many industrial processes, there are heating processes. YESLA films are excellent in high temperature resistance. Whether it is PET, PP, HDPE, we can provide you with the best solution according to your needs.

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High Temperature Resistance HDPE Release Film

PE release liners
Where flexibility and elongation are required, PE is the ideal support for release liners.
YESLA product portfolio includes both HDPE and LDPE and, considering the different types of silicones - both Solvent less UV and Solvent, we can offer a wide range of siliconized release films and solutions for many applications.

Material: HDPE
Width(mm): 125mm, 935mm, 1050mm,1060mm, 2240mm, Max2600mm
Thickness(mic): 35/45/50
Length(m): 2000/2500/3000
Color: Black/ Black and white/ Blue opaque/ White
OEM: Width,Thickness,Length,Color,Print Logo,Release force
Physical & Mechanical Property:
Tensile Property: tensile strength(N) horizontal ≥25
vertical ≥28
elongation at break horizontal ≥320%
vertical ≥360%
Release Force(g/25mm): 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,70,85,(±5)
Residual Adhesiveness Rate: ≥85%
Heat Resistance: 110°C for 10 seconds, Stripping, No drop fo silicone,No perforation.
Low Temperature Flexibility: -35°C NO Crackingvvv

Solvent silicones, catalyzed by Pt, are extremely stable over time for both premium and tight release versions.
Stability over time makes these silicone coated release liners perfect for applications with modified acrylic adhesives and other. Solvent technology also allows a wide range of release values, especially the most difficult to achieve ones.


Due to the low thermal resistance of PE films, silicone thermal curing is extremely difficult and limits the specifications of the release films. UV solvent less silicones, both cationic and radical, meet this requirement because they do not need a thermal curing.


Product Advantages:
√ LDPE material is soft and can be easily adhered to the product surface
√ Easy to apply, Tiny bubble
√ Uniform and smooth, few crystal points
√ Good release force and weather resistance
√ Tear off in complete piece, no residue
√ Improve your brand image by printing your corporate design, logo or technical details on
√ Environmental, durable, recyclable, safe

High Temperature Resistance HDPE Release Film-Our Factory Advantage

♦ We have been engaged in PE film since 2006.
♦ We are china Top 10 Manufacturer and supplier for the PE adhesive protection film.
100% virgin LDPE material and also high transparency, bright surface luminance.
♦ Product max ultra wide 3200mm film, breaking the traditional narrow specification.
♦ We have specifically designed protection films for every application covering an extensive range of industries.
♦ Offer temporary protection solution perfectly matching your production processes that is expertly designed, highly effective which creates real added value.

Passed the ISO9001:2000 quality system authentication and ROHS authentication.

Q: Are you factory?
A: We are factory located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Welcome to come to visit us at any time.


Q: How to start a project?
A: To start your project, please send us your interested film size and technical detail, the surface of product and your production process. Then, you will get the quotation from us within 24 hours.


Q: Can I get free samples from you for machine trying?
A: Yes,free sample is available, you just need pay the express fee.you can provide us the A/C ofDHL, Fedex,
TNT,UPS,Each one is ok. Or you can call your courier to pick up from our office.


Q: We’re not familiar with the international transport, will you handle all the logistic thing?
A: Definitely. Many years experience and long term cooperated forwarder will full support us on it. You can only inform us the delivery date, and then you will receive the goods at office/home. Other concerns leave to us.



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