Produce Top Quality Protection Film

Carpets Protection Film , Protective film, סרט פוליאתילן is a renowned producer of different protection films and covers to protect a specific surface. Carpets Protection Film, gives protection and covering for an extended period. The film is perfect for reducing your snagging list at the end of a building, painting, or DIY project. It will protect your carpet with ultra-tough polyethylene grips on the surface to keep all dirt and contaminants out.

The films are essential and valuable products. We offer explicit protective films that provide temporary protection for carpets. סרט מגן is specially made for the protection of various kinds of floorings. The films are designed to protect all types of solid surfaces and laminates. The films are used to prevent possible pollutions or damage that may occur during the manufacturing or conveyance of polarizers. The film is a fully self-adhesive film for various short-term masking jobs.

סרט פוליאתילן is a continuous thin plastic material made from ethylene and is one of the most common plastic films. It is a thin plastic sheeting that is often provided in rolls and exhibits excellent tape adhesion and lightweight durability. It biodegrades naturally, albeit over a long period. It is the largest volume commodity thermoplastic and cheapest packaging film, which is used for various applications. You can visit our website anytime to know more about the product range.

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