Offer a Premium Range of Adhesive Film

סרט דבק עצמי , אנו עוסקים בייצור בביקוש גבוה, שחרור אניה is a leading provider of different kinds of Film and liners. סרט דבק עצמי is equipped with pressure-sensitive self-adhesives. The materials are designed for vehicle and building graphics and are regularly converted for digital, cut and screen applications, such as banners and commercial signs. It comes with constantly innovating to make graphics more exciting, noticeable, and easy to install. It helps you transform ideas into impactful messages.

אנו עוסקים בייצור בביקוש גבוה combines innovative technologies across businesses to create unique solutions for our customers. The adhesives are structural and support the load while transferring the force between the prepared skins and honeycomb core. In addition, the films are equipped with pressure-sensitive self-adhesives. We will show you the primary technique for the base application of any self-adhesive film.

We offer שחרור אניה in film form. It is tailor-made and specifically designed silicone-coated and specialty release liner solutions for the pressure-sensitive adhesives industry. The release liners are also available with proprietary non-silicone release coatings. The liner is a layer in a label roll or sheet that carries the pressure-sensitive label material until it is ready for its next step. We ensure a uniform thickness of the adhesive layer, eliminate the application or drying process on-site, and simplify the production of various composite films through laminate processing. To know more about the adhesive Film, you can visit our official website now!

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