Protective film

  • Different types of stainless steel protective film

    1. Protective Film made of white polyethylene (פ). For most applications, polyethylene (פ) with a rubber adhesive is the best protective film. When the quality of the film is not specified, this film is used by default to protect the surface. The sheet of plastic material is nominally 80 micrometres thick. It may…
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  • Factors influencing the uniformity of protective film coating

    The basic factors of the uniformity of the protective film coating are several conditions directly related to the coating process: coated substrate, adhesive, coated steel roller/rubber roller, laminating machine, וכו. There are many factors influencing the uniformity of coating, including operators, machines, materials, methods, and rings, but the basic factors…
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  • Protective film characteristics and technical requirements

    According to the viscosity points: Ultra-low-viscosity protective film, low-viscosity protective film, medium-low-viscosity protective film, medium-viscosity protective film, high-viscosity protective film, ultra-high-viscosity protective film 1. Ultra-low-viscosity protective film (ie, micro bottom Adhesive) מאפיינים: thick (≥0.03m±0.003),   width (≤1.3), גָבוֹהַ (100-1500), base material (פ), peel strength (≤5g/cm), temperature resistance (60), stretch Rate…
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