Know About The Different Kinds of Protective Film

סרט מגן, Carpets Protection Film, סרט פוליאתילן

The protective film is a plastic material that covers or protects many surfaces. It is commonly used to protect the easily damaged surface from abrasion, marring, or scratching. Plus, it is used in various situations, such as during storage, הוֹבָלָה, assembly, or fabrication.

The various types of protective film are distinctly different in the tack levels, type of adhesive, and thickness.

With such a wide range of choices and combinations of סרט מגן, there shouldn't be too much difficulty in suitable sourcing material to match a specific application. An invisible protective film is suitable for increasing the durability of your electronic devices and also for its brand new appearance of it.

Here are six of the most popular kinds of protective film:

Low-density polyethylene

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is one of the most popular types of protective film. Polyethylene is a preferred type of plastic and is easily sourced. This film is very elastic, flexible, and lights, making it useful in many applications. However, there is also a high-density version of this film, which is thicker and less flexible.

Co-extruded low-density polyethylene

The co-extruded low-density polyethylene (COEX) is designed with multiple layers to give the highest level of protection. The two or more layers combined can include different colors or designs of plastic. For instance, combining a layer of white plastic with a layer of black plastic is possible. As an outcomes, it has the benefit of combining black UV absorption with white UV reflection, which is practical for providing more efficient UV protection.

Polyvinyl chloride

Carpets Protection Film is the most known of the market's long list of plastic materials. It is because it has a very slick and elastic surface. It makes it a practical choice in various metal forming roles.


Polypropylene (עמ') is the right choice to use in high-heat applications. This film can hold its size and shape and will not stretch under challenging environments like סרט פוליאתילן.


Polyolefin (PO) is famous for acrylic glass applications or painted metal surfaces. Also, the polyolefin shrink film is useful for packaging and relies on a heat source to make it easier to wrap around items.


Paper is a different helpful choice to add an extra layer of protection for a wide range of goods. This is because the paper film can absorb a certain amount of impact and is dimensionally stable.

Protecting the paint becomes an obsession for those who love their cars. Years ago, the promise of perpetually perfect paint was introduced with the invention of clear coat paint protection. A clear coat was an improvement and offered excellent protection against sun damage and oxidation, but it fell far short regarding physical protection from road debris and scratches. Protect your home or business with hurricane window protection that ranges from roll-down shutters to simple plantation shutters. There are many uses for getting a window film, and one of the most important ones is energy control.

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