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  • Yesla Film Offer Complete Range of Protective Film

    Release Liner, Protective Film for Acrylic Sheet, Adhesive Film Yesla Film is a leading company which offer protective film. We produce and deliver great hard-floor safety movies that make sure the safety and integrity of the critical surfaces at some stage in the meeting, production, finishing, and shipping cycles. The…
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  • For Quality Self Adhesive Film Contact To Yesla Film

    Self Adhesive Film, Stone Protection Film Yesla Film is a professional polyethylene film maker with great production experience since 2006. We generally manufacture PE protective film, along with different kind of functional polyethylene plastic film. Being an experienced firm, we are focusing on specific scale of the production. Our company…
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  • Use Carpet Protection Film to Avoid Dirt

    Carpet Protection Film, Glass Protective Film, Protective Film for Metal Got a messy indoor undertaking developing? Portray, putting in new drywall, transferring in new furnishings--all of those jobs and greater can destroy your flooring, especially if they're carpeted. Drop cloths will provide a barrier, however regularly they're not completely water-resistant.…
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  • Searching For LDPE Release Film Manufacturer?

    LDPE is the abbreviation of low density polyethylene, it is a thermoplastic made of ethylene monomer. LDPE release film is a common type of film in the market.   The best LDPE release film has the features os good toughness and flexibility, low heat resistance, low temperature impact resistance and transparency.…
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    Plastic is visible everywhere in a huge number of resin, shape, size, texture and surface treatment. In addition to these variables, all different treatments, assembly and finishing encountered on plastic surfaces are considered. Therefore, the protection is very necessary. Without it, the part or surface is easily scratched, scratched or damaged at…
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